Business Owner Compliance

As a director of a limited company you are responsible to keep good accounting records that could be inspected by Companies House and the HMRC. We can help with:

  1. Book keeping

Book keeping involves recording the day to day transactions of the business so that a profit and loss account can be prepared at regular intervals during the year and at year end.

We will provide you with a list of documents you must keep in order for us to carry out your book keeping function. accounting records can be prepared monthly, quarterly- six.monthly or on an annual basis.  We recommend that you provide us with this information on a monthly basis so that we can keep your accounting records up to date to prove you with meaningful reviews at regular intervals to monitor your company,s performance.

  1. Payroll administration

We are proficient in providing payroll administration using HMRC  tri software and sage payroll as part of accountants club.  We can ŕ eight your company as an employer process payslips and provide you with Paye and national insurance figures that need to be paid to HMRC within an appropriate timescale. We can make sure your etc transactions are kept up to date and carry out the end of year procedure and supply you with p60 for your staff.  We can provide àn efficient payroll service however big or small your company is ranging from 1 employee upwards.

  1. VAT  administration

Once your company reaches a turnover figure of £81 k it has to compulsory register for vat  we can register your company for Vat  with HMRC and help you choose a Vat scheme to suit your company needs  we provide you with a list of documents to supply us with so that

  • We can maximise to your reclaimable input tax vat on purchase) against the vat  due on outputs (sales)
  • We have knowledge and experience on flat rate schemes  which can be more profitable to certain industries providing the turnover isn’t over 150k.
  • All companies need a good accounting records system which is made up of book keeping. payroll and vat making sure the statutory deadlines are met.
  • We can provide this service so that good systems are in place.

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