Personalised, affordable financial services for limited companies:

Business Owner Compliance – Good Accounting Records

As a director of a limited company you are responsible to keep good accounting records that could be inspected by Companies House and the HMRC. We can help with:

Cloud-based Accountancy Management System

We have invested heavily in a fully compliant GDPR cloud management practice software which enables automated records requesting, providing a secure and GDPR Compliant document portal which allows us and clients to upload and share documents between each other.  Clients will have their own portal  which allows quick and easy sign up.  Clients can sign into their portal and sign off accounts and other statutory returns at their own convenience without causing disruption to their daily business tasks.

Book keeping

Book keeping involves recording the day to day transactions of the business so that a profit and loss account can be prepared at regular intervals during the year and at year end.

We will provide you with a list of documents you must keep in order for us to carry out your book keeping function. accounting records can be prepared monthly, quarterly- six.monthly or on an annual basis.  We recommend that you provide us with this information on a monthly basis so that we can keep your accounting records up to date to provide you with meaningful reviews at regular intervals to monitor your company’s performance.

Payroll administration

We can take away the burden of managing your payroll administration and pension reporting obligations to both HMRC and pensions regulator, we have invested heavily in the latest software to meet your statutory obligations, so you can continue doing what you do best. We will manage everything on your behalf from registering you when you recruit your first employee through to your further expansion. We have experience of dealing with payroll of small businesses of only one or two employees to companies with over 75 employees. We can manage holiday entitlement maternity/paternity leave and we will provide your employees with statutory annual P60 forms. Our experts can also help and advise on your obligations in regard of benefits provided to staff be it cars medical care or mobile phones etc.   We can provide GDPR compliant online payslips through sage portal where clients can log in and download their payslips and p60s are the own convenience.

VAT administration

Once your company reaches a turnover figure of £85 k it has to compulsory register for vat  we can register your company for Vat  with HMRC and help you choose a Vat scheme to suit your company needs  we provide you with a list of documents to supply us with so that


Companies House Compliance

Every Company has a legal requirement  to complete Companies House administration on an annual basis.  We can act as registered office and ensure that your company remains full compliant.


HM Revenue & Customs Compliance

Every company is required to complete a corporation tax return CT600.  There is a statutory requirement that this return should be filed online 9 months and 1 day after the Company Year End and the corporation tax due should be paid electronically at this time.


Fixed Price Packages To Ensure Company Compliance

We offer fixed price packages based on the company individuals needs that are very competitive and can be paid on a monthly basis to avoid being presented with a large bill on an annual basis.


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